You are in one of Southern California’s exquisite beach parks. Your eyes open to fresh colors. Your ears soak up the silence. The breeze brings eucalyptus fragrance and urban birdsong. You relax deeply as the workout renews your healing bond with nature.

Hidden in a residential area just two minutes from the 405 Freeway (Inglewood Exit, 20 minutes from LAX), Tai Chi Redondo offers year-round classes in Tai Chi, qigong, 4-Minute Fitness, meditation, push hands, bamboo stick and sword.

Classes for group instruction have been meeting since 1989, and private lessons are tailored to meet individual goals

Fitness: Exercises that build a daily routine for more energy, balance, flexibility, focus, and stress relief. Here a Energy Fitness routine blends the best of yoga, tai chi, and qigong for an easy set of movements that anyone can learn. The classic long forms (both Yang and Chen, alternating with the seasons) are studied in depth and with self-defense applications. The emphasis is on the feeling of personal well-being but the full range of Tai Chi powers are made clear for anyone who wishes to pursue it.

Wellness: Soft tai chi movements strengthen and pump the immune system. Deep breathing, stretching with layered attention, motivational visualizations and standing meditation make a complete workout for mind and body.

Meditation: Nature visualizations for personal well-being. Learn the art of inner sensation that draws on sun, moon, trees, starry skies, and fresh sea breezes. Come home to Mother Nature and return with new skills for finding everything you need inside.

  • Classes are small (2-12 participants)
  • Comfortable, well-lit park year-round
  • Ongoing classes, since 1989
  • Recharge, Renew, Revitalize, Rejuvenate
  • Bring Tai Chi, Fitness, Meditation into your Life
  • Intensive Personal Coaching by Dr. Mike Heim
  • Saturday mornings 9 am

  • Only $10 / class