Lessons, Coaching, Personal Practice

Each week (Saturdays & Tuesdays) members of the group meet for 90 minutes of practice, lessons, and partner games. Lessons explain and demonstrate movements and visualizations. Small groups repeat the movements with personal coaching until everyone feels comfortable with the movements. Partner games with a Tai Chi Ball (light plastic) or Bamboo Stick or Wooden Sword make stretching movements fun to learn and create new memory pathways. Learning takes place outdoors and with meditation moments that relax the mind and allow the nervous system to soak in the natural beauty.

Tai Chi Redondo adds lessons in Easy Tai Chi, 4-Minute Fitness, and clinically standardized meditation using nature visualizations, breathing, and body alignments. Dr. Mike Heim was certified (2004) to teach Tai Chi and 4-Minute Fitness by Dr. Keith Jeffrey, and Mike Heim was certified to teach Qigong Meditation by Master He Bin Hue. He has been teaching Tai Chi and Meditation since 1989 for the Cities of Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Camino College, Beach Cities Health & Healing Center, South Bay Adult School, and his own school of Tai Chi Redondo. Here is a page of testimonials about his Tai Chi teaching. He is an internationally acclaimed teacher and author of several books (www.mheim.com) and also lectures in Humanities at the University of California at Irvine. 

Cost of classes & private lessons:
Regular classes (Saturday / Tuesday) cost $40 / month for once-a-week attendance, $50 / month for twice-a-week attendance.

Private lessons by appointment cost $30 / hour if you are enrolled in a class, $40 / hour if you are not enrolled in a class.

Tai Chi Redondo has been meeting since 1989 in Anderson Park in (North) Redondo Beach (two minutes off the Inglewood Blvd Exit of the 405 Freeway and 5 minutes from the Manhattan Beach Pier. Find maps here.

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Ongoing since 1989: Sat mornings 9 am, Tues evenings 6:30 pm

Yang Style Long Form (108), Partner Games, Tree-Breathing Energy Workout (Chi Kung), Sword Form.

For current details, phone Mike at (310)-413-2053 or email mike@TaiChiRedondo.com